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First blog post!

Welcome to the new County Commissioner’s blog!  I have wanted to write a blog for quite a while where I hoped to share with you the exciting things that were happening in County and the events that I had visited. Unfortunately, because the last year has not been what any of us could have predicted now is probably not the best time to start a blog!  Obviously, I can’t tell you about visiting any events or meeting anyone face to face but I’m hoping this will change as we move into 2021.  Linked to this blog you can now also follow my adventures as a County Commissioner on Instagram @girlguidingsy.

During the first lockdown we created the 26 Challenge Badge which was designed with activities that girls(or adults!) could complete at home to keep a connection with Girlguiding and hopefully have some fun whilst completing the challenges.  Over the coming weeks I hope to share with you my experiences of completing the challenges and completing the badge!

To complete your own 26 Challenge download the Challenge Pack using the link below: