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A is for… Anagram

Make 26 words from the letters in Girlguiding South Yorkshire.

Words have never been my strong point which is ironic as I am now writing a blog!  I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down to attempt this activity that I actually was able to make more than 26 words!  I chose what seemed like the most interesting words and put them into a word cloud as a more presentable completion of the task!  I quite liked the word “North” as an opposite to “South” and I thought the words “good” and “turn” were very appropriate. 

I was then a little disappointed (with myself) when I did the activity with my Guides during a Zoom meeting that they actually made some even longer and more interesting words!  Although I was tempted to change my words and add a few of theirs I have stuck with my original attempt as “I did my best” and challenge myself by choosing this task. 

To complete your own 26 Challenge download the Challenge Pack using the link below: