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Chief Commissioner Award

Congratulations to our County Secretary, Daphne Woffinden, who was presented with a Region Chief Commissioner Award in a surprise visit to a County Exec meeting by Deputy Region Chief, Jan Ali.

Here are some quotes from the citations that were submitted for Daphne’s Award:

“Whatever she does, she gives her very best. If she says she will do something you know that it will be done properly, no matter how much time and effort it takes, this is inside and outside of guiding.”

She is a true Guide and is very passionate about Guiding. She lives her life based on Guiding principles, and her enthusiasm and positive attitude to Guiding is very contagious.”

“She is a very special person and a quiet unassuming lady – an amazing lady, doing an amazing job in an amazing organisation.”
Thank you Daphne for all your dedication and commitment, a well deserved award!