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Marking Remembrance Day 2022

Barnsley Central Division created a Remembrance memorial by the Town Hall.

Every unit in Barnsley Central Division was asked to decorate a wooden trefoil with a Remembrance theme. These were then brought together to create the memorial in the town centre.

33rd Barnsley (Salem) Brownies with their decorated wooden trefoils ready to be part of the Barnsley Central Memorial.

11th Rotherham Guides decided that they would like to show their respect and care to all marking Remembrance by decorating the village bridge with garlands of poppies.

51st Doncaster Rainbows, Brownies and Guides took part in Rossington’s Remembrance Parade on Remembrance Sunday.

66th Doncaster Rainbows made poppies and Doncaser South Rangers made poppy wreaths which were used in the local church Remebrance Sunday service.