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Design a Badge for Wentworth Woodhouse

The Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust are launching a competition to design a badge for the new challenge activities coming to Wentworth Woodhouse. Activities may include orienteering, bush craft, geocaching, quizzes and trails. The winning design will be used for the Challenge pack and your group will be given the opportunity to be some of the first visitors to our brand-new camp site – due to be launched in autumn 2023.

The challenge badge will help support engagement with Wentworth Woodhouse and raise awareness of the Camellia House situated in the gardens of Wentworth Woodhouse. This is going to become a tea room in 2024 and we have lots of exciting plans taking place in the gardens to accompany it. Did you know that in the past there was a menagerie of animals in the gardens at the house which included monkeys! We invited a local Guide and Scout group to come to the mansion and have a look around, it’s their suggestions that have fuelled the challenge pack. We hope that in the future you will be interested in completing this challenge and earning a badge too.

You can download an entry form for the badge competition and more details about Wentworth Woodhouse on the link below: