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DofE Expedition Information

Please see some useful information below about your DofE expedition. Booking forms for your expeditions can be found at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions please email

Expedition Food

Careful planning and packing the right food can really impact upon the enjoyment of your expedition. You can burn 3,000-5,000 kcals per day on an expedition, so it is essential for you to pack enough of the right foods to fuel yourself well and to keep your energy levels up. The amount of food you need to carry will depend on the length of the expedition. You will also need at least 2 litres of water per day (this can be refilled each day). There is some basic information about food on your kit list but more detailed information can be found here. Additional ideas to the ones listed on this page are pain-au-chocolat or croissants for breakfast and for your lunch on longer expeditions, why not cook some extra pasta at the campsite the night before and put it in a tub to eat for your lunch the next day.

Expedition Kit

You can download an expedition kit list here. You will need to carry everything you pack in your rucksack so make sure it is lightweight and don’t pack anything other than the essentials! You will need a well-fitting rucksack so don’t be tempted to borrow a friend or relatives’ old army rucksack or similar even if it holds sentimental value and they would like you to do so (this happens more often than you might think!) Rucksacks with adjustable size settings at the back are much more comfortable for your expedition. These can be borrowed from Girlguiding South Yorkshire if you need one. You can see some top tips for packing your rucksack on the videos here and here. If you strap your roll mat to the outside of your rucksack, make sure it is in 2 plastic bin bags to prevent it getting wet. You can purchase dry bags but strong plastic bags can be just as effective for short expeditions. If you have any questions about expedition kit please email

Mobile Phones

You may bring your mobile phone on your expedition but this is done so entirely at your own risk and it can only be used in emergencies. This policy is in line with the guidance on mobile phone use from the DofE and will be fully explained to the group at the start of each expedition. If you do want to bring your mobile phone on your expedition please download the OS Locate app. Every group on expedition with Girlguiding South Yorkshire will be given a GPS tracker to support the expedition leaders with their effective supervision of the group. An emergency home contact system will also be in place in line with Girlguiding’s policy on visits outside of the unit meeting place. For parents – no news is good news when it comes to the expedition; please don’t expect to hear from your daughter whilst she is away on expedition with us.


Girlguiding South Yorkshire will provide your group with the maps and compasses you will need for your expedition. You will receive training on how to read a map, interpret a route card and use a compass before your expedition. You can use the OS map reading guide found here to refresh your knowledge ready for your qualifying expedition.


On your qualifying expedition you will be assessed by a DofE assessor. This person will be a volunteer with Girlguiding and will have completed all the necessary recruitment checks and safeguarding training. They will be assessing your group on the 20 conditions of the expedition section.

Booking an Expedition