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DofE training day consent form

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Name of event

DofE training day
Part I – to be completed by the leader. The parent/carer* should retain a copy of all the information in Part I

This information will be sent to you in an email when you submit this form.
Please return this form (electronically) to Helen Cook by 1st July 2022

Proposed activity(ies)

First aid training for DofE expedition (CPR, recovery position, bandaging etc) Gold group: electronic route planning

Bramley Scout And Guide HQ, 62A Main St, Bramley, Rotherham S66 2SQ
Start date and time

Saturday 16th July 2022 9:30am
Finish date and time

Saturday 16th July 2022 Bronze: 1pm Gold: 4pm

Travel/transport information

Parents to drop off / pick up
Additional Information

Please bring a drink and snack / packed lunch (gold group) and wear Guiding uniform
Part II – to be completed by the parent/carer of participants aged under 18.

This form can be returned electronically.
NOTE: Please label any medication with your child’s name and provide clear instructions for its use. If applicable, ensure that a spare, clearly labelled inhaler or EpiPen is brought to the event to be held by the first aider.

Emergency contact: Please give details of a person who will be contactable at all times during the event/activity

* Where the term parent/carer is used, this refers to the adult that has legal responsibility for this child.

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