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DofE Training Video

Watch the video sent to you by email and then return to this page to fill in the form below. This should be done before your training / practice expedition to help you learn the skills you need for your expeditions.

Grid References

During the video (at time 31:42) you were asked to write down grid references for some features. Type the grid references below.

centered image

The Countryside Code

Watch this short video to learn about your responsibilities when in the countryside.

Packing a Rucksack

Watch this short video to learn about how to pack a rucksack.

Expedition Food

Careful planning and packing the right food can really impact upon the enjoyment of your expedition. You can burn 3,000-5,000 kcals per day on an expedition, so it is essential for you to pack enough of the right foods to fuel yourself well and to keep your energy levels up. The amount of food you need to carry will depend on the length of the expedition. You will also need at least 2 litres of water per day (this can be refilled each day). There is some basic information about food on your kit list but more detailed information can be found here.

Thank you

Thank you for completing this training, you can now press submit below. You will be taken to the expedition information page which contains some more useful resources to help you get ready for your expedition.