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Gold Qualifying Expedition Information & Consent Form

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Name of event

Gold DofE qualifying expedition
Part I – to be completed by the leader. The parent/carer* should retain a copy of all the information in Part I

Please return this form (electronically) to Helen Cook by 06/08/2022

Proposed activity(ies)

Walking whilst remotely supervised Camping Cooking

Yorkshire Dales
Start date and time

8th August 2022 9:30am
Finish date and time

11th August 2022 4pm

£80 (already paid)
Travel/transport information

Parents to drop off and pick up
Additional Information

Drop off / pickup instructions: Please drop your daughter off at 9:30am on Monday 8th August at Burnsall Car Park, Bunkers Hill. Burnsall, BD23 6BS. The longitude and latitude are 54.045893, -1.953259 Please collect your daughter at 4pm on Thursday 11th August from Aysgarth Falls National Park Centre, Church Bank, Aysgarth, DL8 3TH. The longitude and latitude are 54.295065, -1.982885 An expedition kit list and information about how to pack your rucksack as well as the food you will need to bring can be found here
Part II – to be completed by the parent/carer of participants aged under 18.

This form can be returned electronically.
NOTE: Please label any medication with your child’s name and provide clear instructions for its use. If applicable, ensure that a spare, clearly labelled inhaler or EpiPen is brought to the event to be held by the first aider.

Emergency contact: Please give details of a person who will be contactable at all times during the event/activity

* Where the term parent/carer is used, this refers to the adult that has legal responsibility for this child.

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