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Queen’s Guide Award

In South Yorkshire the Queen’s Guide Award coordinator is Nicola Evison. If you would like more information about the Queen’s Guide Award or are interested in starting the award please contact Nicola at to get started. 

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award you can earn in Girlguiding. It is a great achievement to complete the award and it is sometimes also recognised in areas outside of guiding such as by universities and potential employers. The award is designed to challenge you and requires a lot of planning and commitment. The Queen’s Guide Award is open to members between the ages of 16 and 25 and must be completed within 3 years of the start date or before your 26th Birthday if this is within 3 years. You also need to have made your promise – if you haven’t done so already – before your 2nd year of working towards the award in order to finish it.
The Queen’s Guide award is split into five different sections:

  • Service in Guiding
    • Taking on an active role in guiding
  • Outdoor Challenge
    • Working on your leadership and teamwork skills whilst getting out and exploring.
  • Personal Skill Development
    • Learn a new skill and develop it, or develop an existing skill even further over 12 months.
  • Community Action
    • Become more aware of the world and a develop your understanding of a chosen topic through practical and research projects.
  • Residential
    • Spend two nights and three days with new people away from home.

Some sections such as the residential section, and an element of the outdoor challenge, can be counted towards both the Queen’s Guide Award and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award providing it has been confirmed to meet the criteria for both. 
The syllabus for the Queen’s Guide Award can be found on the Girlguiding website here

At the start of the award you will be required to produce a plan with a mentor of your choosing (this can be anyone who you know through guiding and can support and advise you throughout working on the award) and send this to the Queens Guide Award coordinator in South Yorkshire to be approved. Any changes to your plan as you go along must also be shared with your mentor and Queen’s Guide Award coordinator. Each element of the award is signed off by a chosen assessor in the Queen’s Guide Award record book.

On completing the award your record book will be sent to Girlguiding HQ for the chief guide to sign. You may then arrange to be presented with your award locally and celebrate the award with those who have supported you. You will also then receive an invitation to attend a national celebration/presentation to mark the achievement. These celebrations are held on a select few dates each year, often in London.