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Rainbow & Brownie Activity Day May

Thank you for booking a place on the Rainbow & Brownie activity day on 28th May. A confirmation email with event details has been sent to you. Please complete the consent form found below before the event.

Day events and activities –
information and consent

Leaders: complete this page and give to parents and carers to keep (this information will be emailed to you when you submit the form)

Please return this form to Helen Cook by 24th May 2024

Name of event(s) or activity(ies)

You can use this form for multiple activities

Rainbow & Brownie activity day

Details for the event, including activity(ies)

Include location(s), start/end date(s) and time(s), travel and transport information, cost(s), types of activity(ies) and if any special clothing or equipment is needed.

Date: 28th May 2024. Venue: Hesley Wood Guide House White Lane Chapeltown S35 2YH. Drop off any time between 8am – 9:30am. Pick up any time between 4pm – 5:30pm. Parents to drop off and pick up at the door of Hesley Wood Guide House. Please bring a packed lunch, coat, indoor shoes and shoes to play outside. Drinks & biscuits provided.

Activities: watching a U-rated film, playing games outside (skipping, bat and ball, running, parachute etc) playing games inside (jigsaws, board games etc), crafts involving glue, scissors, beads, sand, wool, pens etc. Walking in the woods (accompanied by an adult at all times), playing on the playground equipment, scavenger hunt, singing. Food activities involving fruit, marshmellows, chocolate, biscuits. Please let us know any dietary requirements below.

Day events and activities – information and consent December 2023 Page 1

Note: There will always be at least one person at every unit meeting, activity or event with a valid first aid
qualification. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak to the unit leader. Please label any medication with your child’s name and provide clear instructions for its use. If applicable, ensure that a spare, clearly labelled inhaler or EpiPen is brought to the event to be held by the first aider.

Emergency contacts
Please give details of two people who will always be contactable during the event/activity. Think about
phone signal and their distance from the event/activity location.

Emergency contact 1

Emergency contact 2

I give permission for my child to take part in Rainbow & Brownie activity day (event/activity).

I give permission to the medication listed on this form to be administered (if applicable).

*Where the term parent/carer is used, this refers to the adult that has legal responsibility for this child.

What will you do with my data?
It’s simple. We need the information that you share
with us to run our exciting activities and to satisfy our
legal responsibilities. We’ll keep it safe for as long as
your child is an active member.
We promise we’ll only share your information if:
• you ask us to
• the law requires us
• in order to comply with our policies so your child
can enjoy an activity safely
• it’s in the public interest

Don’t worry – we’ll never sell your data or share it for
any other reason.
Girlguiding is the registered data controller* for all
our members’ personal information, both in the UK
and around the world.
Want to find out more about how we use your
information – and your rights?
*The organisation that manages and looks after your data

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